Helping Kids Fight Obesity

The rate of childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, so much so that it has become an epidemic. Parents need to be made aware of this serious problem regardless if their children are obese or not. Just why are we seeing a huge incidence of obesity in children today? The reasons are essentially the same as the reasons we’ve got so many adults who are either overweight or obese. It comes down to how much you eat relative to the amount of physical activity you get. As parents, you can do many things to help your kids develop healthy habits in this regard.

Generally, the more overweight a child is, the less active he or she is. Low self-confidence is also something that many overweight children have. These kids are also not very athletic and are often worried that they’d be made fun of or bullied by other kids. This can prevent them from participating in activities that could make a difference in their weight and health. Get your child to do less challenging physical activities first to get him or her to build confidence. You can, for instance, walk with your child for 20 minutes each day the first couple of weeks. Try also classes or activities that don’t require much athletic ability but offers your child the opportunity to be more active. Swimming, hiking and riding a bike are just a few possibilities. It’s in your child’s best interest if you follow the recommendations made by your child’s pediatrician in matters concerning your child’s weight. The assumption that your child has to lose weight may not be correct, and a doctor can guide you in this area. Children naturally gain weight, but you could interfere with your child’s natural growth development if you put him or her on a restrictive diet. Not all children grow at the same rate, so just because a child has put on some weight doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she has a problem. Don’t try to put your child on a diet without consulting a doctor.

Because it can be frustrating, there are parents who aren’t able to positively deal with their children’s weight problem. Criticisms and insults won’t help your child get to a healthy weight. The only thing these harsh words will do to your child is lower his or her self-esteem. You’ll help your child if you remain positive and encourage. Praise your child whenever you see him or her being active or eating healthy food. You’ll get better results if you help your child in a constructive way. Explain why it’s important to exercise and eat healthy foods. Encourage kids to eat better and exercise by coming up with rewards that don’t involve food, such as a fun outing. As a parent, you can do many things to make sure your child stays at a healthy weight. We’ve just given you a couple of things you can do to encourage your child to have healthier habits. You need to be patient and be reasonable with your expectations if your child is overweight. Your child will need a lot of support and encouragement if he or she is to get to a healthy weight.

Did you know that genetics may have a big effect on your child’s weight, or their ability to lose weight to maintain a healthy weight? With genetic testing provided to your child’s medical professional through Strategic Lab Partners, your child’s doctor may be able to diagnose conditions that are making weight gain more of an issue for the child.

Massage Benefits Few Are Aware Of

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Most individuals you know may think that massages don’t have any purpose except for self-indulgence. Have you been trying to figure out if you should be spending your hard earned money on regular massages? Here are a number of not yet widely known benefits of massages!

Know that massage makes your brain’s chemical makeup change. These changes help to bring down both stress and pain in your entire body. This is good news because it means that you do not necessarily have to massage the exact spot that is in pain. For instance, if you aren’t thrilled with the thought of letting another person touch your lower back, ask them to massage your arms and shoulders instead. The pressure put on those places triggers your brain to change its chemical makeup. Give it a while and the rest of your muscles will relax also.

A number of experts claim that regular massages help your body stay healthy. There have been studies that show massage boosts your immune system which makes it easier for you to ward off malady and disease. This comes about because massage helps to increase your body’s de-stressors. For instance, science has shown that the cortisol levels in your body are decreased when you get a massage on a regular basis. Cortisol is triggered by stress and de-stressing your body is a good way to keep it from attacking your immune system which, in turn, helps the rest of your body remain healthy.

Do you know that a massage can lower your blood pressure? Also, it can fight hypertension. The reason this is true is that massage triggers your nervus vagus; the vagus nerve is what helps your brain regulate the level of your blood pressure as well as a bunch of other crucial functions. A 2005 study discovered that individuals who suffer frmo high blood pressure showed a marked improvement in their levels after receiving just ten ten-minute massages over the course of a few weeks.

There are many positives to getting regular massage. Many individuals realize that massage can be relaxing but it can help to treat a number of health conditions as well. The real truth is that there is no one form of massage that is superior to the other. Why not try it and feel some of the benefits yourself? Massage Cary NC is exactly where you should go for your first massage experience.