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Stem cell therapy for arthritis pain relief is becoming more common as the number of people suffering from arthritis increases. There are two main types of stem cell therapy: external use in treatment and internal use in the treatment of the disease itself. The first type of stem cell treatment for arthritis pain relief is called autologous fat transfer; the second type is called non-autologous fat injection. Stem cell treatment for back injury Charlotte NC knows how to offer the best pain relief.

Stem Cell Treatment

Most stem cell treatment with adult stem cells is thought to be safe since the stem cells harvested from the patient are also collected into a special container, minimizing the possibility of an allergic reaction. However, while stem cells taken from a person’s own body are considered safe, stem cells taken from a person with a particular disease or condition are not, since different types of disease may have very different stem cell preparation. Although stem cell treatment for arthritis therapy has shown promising results in some cases, more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness and safety.

Different Types of Pain Relieved with Stem Cell Treatment

There are many areas in which the practice of using stem cell therapy can help. Some examples include treating pain caused by joint arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis, as well as treating osteoarthritis pain and inflammation. Orthopedic treatment may be aided by the use of regenerative medicine, especially when it is combined with physical therapy. Physical therapy helps patients regain strength and mobility after a traumatic injury or surgery, reducing the need for medication. regenerative medicine has the potential to greatly reduce the symptoms associated with many degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and arthritis pain can be a part of this treatment.